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Protect your eyes from COVID-19

Protesting is a patriotic necessity protecting freedom and liberty, but one should not cause a safety hazard and unnecessary spike of COVID-19 while expressing opinions. Good protests have chants and yelling, but with the pandemic, it is important to realize this propels virus similar to coughing and sneezing [“Cuomo touts progress,” News, June 6].

Social distancing doesn’t happen when people exercise their civil liberties in groups. Recent protests revealed almost no protection of eyes that are open to contagions and close to others’ respiratory systems. This is not the time to wear contact lenses. Mask-wearing was intermittent, and incidence from COVID-19 asymptomatic carriers is unknown.

While covering mouths is common sense, adding sunglasses or prescriptive eyewear provides even more protection.

Dean Hart,

Glen Head

Editor’s note: The writer is an optometrist, microbiologist and retired professor at Columbia University medical school.

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On June 15, 2020

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