Dean Hart’s Contribution

The Town of Oyster Bay needs a businessman, without political motivations, to get a handle on what is going on in the Town. Oyster Bay is one of the richest towns in the United States, yet we are underwater by almost a billion dollars and Town is now classified as a distressed debt risk. This leads to the Town paying even more in interest on loans – compounding our problem with additional debt. And business owners know that finding $30 in theft, truly represents $300 in theft because we never find most of the theft – it is intentionally disguised for personal gain. We, as CITIZENS MUST TAKE A STAND.

The incumbents must go, or our children and grandchildren will still be paying back this debt – that was created out of greed. The public did trust the public officials who created this mess – as we thought they would be honest, hardworking public officials. It is time to return honest people to local government – people who will not steal from the public. This is why I decided to sell off my business holdings and run for public office. I do not owe anything to businesses. I do not accept campaign contributions – I do not owe anything to special interests. I am here to represent you – the residents of the Town of Oyster Bay.

As a citizen, and scientist, it is clear that it is time for change. With so many indictments already handed out, how do we know that more aren’t coming? As a lifelong resident of the great Town of Oyster Bay, I feel that it is my responsibility to give back to this Town, which has given so much to myself, my family and my friends and neighbors.

Corruption is rampant and out of control in this town. We need to remind ourselves, and our public officials, that we are a country of laws and there is a separation of church and state. Penalties for breech of trust by public officials needs to be real and realistic – why are we still giving taxpayer funded pensions to convicted former public officials? Even more important, we need to institute term limits on public officials to stem the tide of corruptions within our Town.

In the words of the immortal Mets manager Yogi Berra “throw the bums out!” This applies to the executive, legislative and judicial branches that rely on cronyism for personal gain and funding for future political gains. We need to reform campaign finance laws because “contribute to us now and then play with tax payer funds” is the mantra for greedy politicians.

Personally, I feel that it would be tragic to continue with this improper environment — the founding fathers had it right that after a life of successes one should then move into political office with a knowledge of the real world. Washington with his 8,000 acres of land risked it all for this principle. It was never intended that elected office would be a full time, lifelong, career for anyone. The signatories of the Declaration of Independence pledged their lives and fortunes to each other.

In the philosophy of Washington, Hamilton, Franklin and Jefferson, my personal heroes, and our founding fathers, I find that there is no need to accept a salary for this public office. I have not accepted any campaign contributions and once elected will donate any salary to scientific research and charities. I feel that it is my responsibility to work on making this Town a wonderful place to live again – a salary is not necessary.

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